Fluvialys history


Fluvialys is above all the story of a young boats enthusiast, Emmanuel Desreux, who buys a Freycinet commercial barge to make a houseboat. Over time, the "Lake of the Birds" transforms into an original and comfortable dwelling and makes him want to work in the world of river navigation.

This is how he buys a first Dutch boat that he renovates and goes on sale in the wake. This will be the first of a long series! Success is due to its seriousness and the highly competitive purchasing network it develops over time

In a few years, Emmanuel will travel all over Holland, Belgium and France to find the best opportunities. At the time, thanks to his truck equiped as a naval workshop, it is on the spot that it renovates its boats. As demand grows, Fluvialys grows, it hires several people.

Today, Fluvialys employs 4 skilled workers and has a hangar, two trucks, one with a crane, a deck shop, offices, two dry Crane of 30 tons, and also of a port afloat.

With its history and success after more than 200 boats sold, Fluvialys is moving forward and continuously improving the quality of its products and services.