Moving a boat to dry is a delicate operation that must be carried out by specialists. We have the following lifting equipment for the various lifting operations:
- a forklift truck containing 3500 cc kalmar containers capable of lifting boats up to 20 tons

- A truck crane SCANIA 460: the truck of Fluvialys is equipped with a crane capable of lifting boats up to 12 tons. Attention, the deployment of the crane requires a stable ground and a large space, (at least 14 meters wide, and 25 meters long)
Please contact us for more details.

- Fixed gantry: the gantry allows to unload any boat less than 15 tons and less than 4 meters wide

- 30 bers: most of our boats are stored on steel bars.

- Special trailer for ber: Our special trailer ber makes it possible to move all the dry boats of our site in record time




Prices: Please contact us via the contact form. The price of a handling depends on the size and weight of the boat.