Fluvialys makes it a duty to offer you a turnkey service, We have the means
Next to deliver your boat by road all over Europe:

- SCANIA Trucks: Capable of pulling our two high capacity trailers, our two trucks are
Perfectly allowed to ride as an exceptional convoy anywhere in Europe.


- the scania 420, very handy, is the last of the family
-the scania 460, is equipped with a large crane of 87 tons, capable of unloading
Trailer a 12-ton boat, about 12 meters,

- Truck trailers: Transporting a boat by road requires trailers capable of
Adapt to different forms of hulls. We use two, one telescopic.
- Pickup 4x4 and trailer: for smaller units of less than 3 tons, we use either one
Single axle trailer, or a triple axle trailer pulled our pick-up truck.

Rates: Get QUICKLY quote with our contact form.
The price depends on the distance to be traveled, as well as the dimensions of your boat